New Freedom College

New Freedom College is a nonprofit college that is the only school in America designed and priced for inmates who want a true college education. We offer a print-based correspondence program through the mail, allowing incarcerated students to work toward a diploma in a variety of useful majors. 

​If an inmate desires a college education in order to land a higher-paying job on the outside, make parole sooner, or for personal fulfillment, New Freedom College has everything they need. We provide the academic support and feedback to best ensure success, and we keep tuition low so that ambitious students won't be impeded by costs.

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New Freedom College ® 1957 W. Burnside St. #1660, Portland, OR 97209
" You are to be lauded and applauded 
for your fine work, and I hope your institution grows exponentially." 
   - Mumia Abu-Jamal (Info
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit so your donation is tax deductible.
NEWS (November 2014): Big changes are being made to NFC right now. Please click on the link to read about them so you can help a student inmate you care about. [LINK